May 15 - 17, 2024

8th ANPAD Conference on Management and Accounting Education and Research
EnEPQ 2024

Open Submissions

Submissions extended until March 11th (11:59 PM Brasília time).


- A maximum of three manuscripts may be submitted per person, either authored or co-authored.
- Each work can be authored/co-authored by a maximum of six individuals.
- Manuscripts works cannot, under any circumstances, present explicit identification (name typed in the body of the work, in its abstract, or in the file properties), hidden identification, or citation of the work of the authors themselves in a way that allows identification. Those whose authorship is identified will be excluded from the event.


STEP 01 - Login to iANPAD
Access and log in to iANPAD with your CPF, E-mail or Passport (without dots and dashes) and password.

STEP 02 -  Dashboard
On the Dashboard page, On the ''Submissions'' area, select EnEPQ and the 2024 edition, then click on ''Article Submission''.

STEP 03 - Submission
Fill in the submission form until the end, and the submission will be complete when you receive the message ''Article sent successfully''.

To verify your submission, access your Dashboard again and click on the ''eye'' button for more information or the ''x'' to cancel the submission.